2020 Workout & Fitness Trends You May Want To Try Out

Another theme that stood out among the list of 2020 fitness trends was the prevalence of exercising with others. Group training came in at No. 3, with personal training close behind at No. 5. And not only that but HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, earned the No. 2 spot. Yoga also came in at No. 14.¬†With both HIIT and yoga being popular classes offered in gyms, and ClassPass making it easier than ever to try different classes across different gyms and studios, it’s no wonder more people are taking advantage of all the benefits that come with a group workout, like more endorphins and greater motivation.And if you’re not a member of a gym, don’t sweat (at least not until you’re working out), we’ve got a 20-minute workout that incorporates both HIIT and yoga. Bonus points if you grab a friend to join in!

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