Is An Apple Cider Vinegar Bath Right For You? 6 Reasons To Try

Body odor might be embarrassing, but let’s be real—it happens to the best of us. You can thank bacteria on your skin, like Corynebacterium striatum and Staphylococcus haemolyticus. When sweat mixes with these microbes, the result is a seriously stinky situation. Take a dip in an apple cider vinegar bath. As a natural antibacterial, the remedy may keep odor-causing microbes in check. Additionally, by decreasing your skin’s pH, it could make your skin a less desirable environment for excess bacteria. Again, these benefits are hypothetical, as researchers haven’t studied how vinegar baths affect body odor. But if you’re looking for a natural way to deodorize, soaking in diluted apple cider vinegar might lend a hand.

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