Ts Madison Blasts Boosie For His Recent Comments Against Lil Nas X

Ts Madison addressed recent interactions between Boosie and Lil Nas X on Tuesday’s episode of ‘The Breakfast Club.’ As expected, the TV personality didn’t hold her tongue. She eloquently discussed a few topics, but most notably society’s “really rampant” homophobia and transphobia. Ts Madison popped off the  interview by explaining the importance of using proper pronouns.“I think it should be one of those things that we pay attention to because it just respects people’s identity in totality, ” Madison explained to Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee.Boosie’s Prior CommentsCharlamagne said he thinks it takes “a little bit of education” to understand using pronouns.  He challenged the idea of instantly labeling someone as phobic versus giving them a chance to learn. Madison, nicknamed Maddie, agrees with Charlamagne’s point as long as the artist keeps moving forward.But some folks, like Boosie, aren’t quite there yet in terms of progress. After Lil Nas X joked on Instagram Live about having a collab song with him, the ‘Wipe Me Down’ rapper unraveled. Boosie unloaded a series of tweets featuring homophobic slurs and aggressive energy. This follows months of unprovoked criticism towards the ‘Old Town Road artist.Boosie tweeted, “STOP TROLLING ME F****T LOL!! U A WHOLE B***H PLAYING WITH A GANGSTA SMH U CAN KEEP SUCKING D**K N GETTIN F***ED IN YOUR A** N PEACE N #uhateyourself I WOULD TOO IF I WAS YOU LOL NASx IF YOU #commitsuicide YOU WOULD DO THIS WORLD A HUGE FAVOR…NOBODY WANTS U HERE.”Eventually, Boosie deleted the initial post, but Lil Nas X seemingly responded. He clarified later that he plans to “leave that sh*t alone ’cause it’s boring honestly.”Maddie referenced this exchange and dismissed Boosie’s prior arguments that Lil Nas X is detrimental to children.“My thing is when he said he’s a detriment to kids and we need to worry about the kids, but I’m like, but you the same man had a overgrown a** woman perform a fellatio on your young son and you didn’t see anything wrong with that,” Ts Madison said. “Make it make sense to me. I was so confused about the situation like who kids really need to be protected.”Following Madison’s lead, Charlamagne also pointed out that rappers who’ve rapped about violence towards people or the sale/use of drugs “can’t stand on that moral high ground.”Check out the full interview below:Want updates directly in your text inbox? Hit us up at 917-722-8057 or click here to join!

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